“ Easy tagging and reporting: how our clients save time and cost using our timesheet management application ”

By developing custom timesheet software, we have made it easier for employees of the multinational company SICK CZ to work and generate reports. What results does the application achieve one year after its introduction?

The problem: cumbersome recording tasks image

The company SICK is a world leader in the manufacture of industrial sensors. Originally a German company, it now operates in dozens of countries and employs more than 9,000 people.

SICK achieves great results, among other things, by massive investments in the development of new technologies. The costs are carefully monitored by the company; part of the work of developers and other employees is recording the time they spend on each task.

For this purpose, the Czech branch of SICK CZ had its own application created. In practice, however, it proved too complex. To create a record of the tasks they had to create and manage complex project structures in the software. Cumbersome controls distracted them from work, and the subsequent reporting was complicated.

SOLUTION: Tailored internal application image

SICK CZ tried to replace the existing software with commercial timesheet applications. None of them proved to be successful due to the highly specific requirements of the company. In January 2017, the management of the company commissioned the development of a new program to us.

Result of application introduction image

Thanks to the ease of use, SICK employees quickly adopted Tagit. Project managers praise for better overview of hours worked and easy reporting. They easily export time spent on tasks for different combinations of employees, tags, and time slots; they can further refine and edit records as needed.

We continue to work closely with SICK CZ. The biggest challenge lies ahead - besides introducing new features, we are preparing a commercial launch of the application. We have deployed TagIt to Amazon Web Services, developing a public web portal and preparing to integrate with other programs.

Application features
  • Inserting records with just a few clicks
  • Easy filtering, displaying time worked in graphs,
  • Web availability
  • Creation and management of tasks, Quick reporting

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